Making a Final Decision

Drama is wonderful when viewed on television or in a book, but real life drama is exhausting. Couples in an on again, off again relationship are often worn down to extreme levels. One partner may realize something drastic has to change if they are to continue the relationship. This is an adult decision, and it is difficult to make. Putting effort into making the decision may be the best way to save both of them from permanent harm, but making the decision is often the sign of a caring partner.

Whether the decision is to leave or stay, a final decision is for the best. The exhausting daily drama will only end when each person knows exactly where they stand in the relationship. Staying together will take both people choosing to correct problems, but they must make that commitment. If a partner makes the final decision to end the relationship, it will hurt. It may seem cruel, but it is better to hurt a partner once than to continue doing so for a lifetime.