Finding an Unexpected Partner

When two people are in a relationship full of drama, they often separate for short periods of time. They may both, in the back of their minds, know they will get together again. A couple in this situation often goes through this type of activity on a regular basis, and they believe their relationship will still stand the test of time. Getting back together is normal for them, but there are times when one person will unexpectedly meet someone while they are separated. When this occurs, that partner may decide to move on from their previous relationship.

Being left behind for a new partner is disturbing at best, and it can break a person's heart when it happens. The person left behind is often the one who refuses to face the issues, and they never planned for their partner to meet someone else. Men in this situation have learned how to avoid issues, and they become male masturbators as they wait faithfully for their partner to return again. Many of them are unable or unwilling to move forward in life, and they spend much of their time viewing virtual reality porn for entertainment.

A partner who has been left behind in this manner is not necessarily out of touch with reality, and they are often an intelligent person. The scenario of sitting home alone, wearing a virtual reality headset and viewing VR porn is simply a way of avoiding reality. This person cannot comprehend that they have been left behind, and they are still avoiding making positive changes in their life.

There have been any number of people who have chosen this course in life, and they often turn old and lonely because they refuse to look at their own situation realistically. Turning to alternative forms of interaction, such as porn, becomes their partnership outlet.