Finally Leaving Forever

Couples with a rocky history tend to believe they will always get back together after a few incidents, so it can be surprising when one of them decides not to return. Leaving forever is unthinkable for the other person, and they fail to understand that they have lost the relationship they truly wanted. Their shock can be devastating, and it might take them a long time to recover. This can be a time to take a good look at their own habits, but many of them will take a long time before they do anything other than blame their former partner.

The relationship might have been good at first, but it is generally a fight over control that sets a couple on this type of path. Each one of them might be deeply in love with the other, but their inability to compromise is often what begins each argument. Walking out the door, vowing to never return, is one partner’s way of gaining control. They might not realize this is what they are doing, but it can end the relationship at any time.

Returning to a partner can be difficult when the issues become too personal, and this is often when a person finds someone new. They might not have been searching, but they are open to any opportunities that will not repeat the bad habits of the relationship. They are often just looking for peace and quiet, and they might see that a relationship with a different person can give them what they desire.

Failing to return to a former partner might give them a few qualms, but the peace they have found with someone else can make up for it. They might have suddenly found what they are looking for, so the thought of returning to someone upsetting is not worth considering.