Developing a Relationship into Friendship

For couples who find that dating does not suit them, there are alternative paths for them to choose. They might find it is best to move on in life and refuse all contact with each other, or they might find that becoming friends suits them best. No matter what their choice, they will have to reconcile their own emotions before they expect to have it accepted by their friends and family.

Couples who fail to get along in a relationship but continue to be attracted to each other often break up and get back together on a regular basis. Their friends and family stop sympathizing with them after the first few times, and it can be awkward when socializing with them. The couple might find it places an even greater strain on their relationship, but their attraction outweighs even this type of reserve.

When couples in this type of relationship have finally found a way to break off their romantic partnership, some of them opt to remain friends. It can be a difficult time for them as friends and family keep waiting for them to return to their past habits. They will feel pressure to stay away from each other at this time, but forming a friendship can be the best way for them to cope with the emotional turmoil they have created.

When two people who are attracted to each other but fail at making a relationship work decide it is time to date other people, it can be difficult for a new partner to accept their friendship. They might see the other person as a potential threat to their relationship, and it can cause them to find ways to avoid meeting them. They should consider the fact that keeping that person close is the best way to assure their own relationship does not fail, and keeping them away from their friend will be a good way to lose them to the former partner.