After the Relationship Ends

When a partner makes a choice to end a relationship, both people often suffer. They may miss each other, or they might wonder if they will be able to find another partner. It does not matter that their relationship was unworkable. Each will try to justify their role within the former relationship, and moving on is difficult. Many will go through a series of short but intense relationships with new people. They usually do this as they process the pain of their long term relationship, and they must get over the past before they can invest in a long term relationship.

Few people are ready to seriously date others once a long term relationship has ended. Many are seeking someone for socializing or physical intimacy only. Separating these two reasons for dating may be best for a person processing pain from a break up, and many are intelligent enough to know this. Socializing helps keep them from being lonely and depressed, but it does nothing for their physical needs. A fuck buddy is a much better solution at this time.

Beginning a new relationship without processing a prior break up adds unnecessary baggage to a relationship. It ruins any forward progress a person has made, and they may keep making the same mistakes. Physical intimacy is easy enough to find these days, and fuck buddies are looking for physical relief without the bother of dating. They provide no strings attached sex as a person works to get their emotional house in order.

People struggle after losing a relationship that was important to them, but the struggle will eventually end. They must proceed with caution and find the right partner before committing to a relationship. Taking care of their physical needs does not mean they must make a commitment, and people that want a new beginning will recognize this important fact.