On and Off Relationships

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There are couples who cannot seem to decide if they should stay together or permanently part ways. They date or live together and everything is fine for a month or two, but they soon begin to disagree and argue. Once the situation has escalated out of control, one of them leaves vowing never to return. This type of relationship is chaotic and the couple should seek professional help with their issues. They often do not even understand the problem, and this keeps them from coming up with a workable solution.

Part of the attraction to this type of relationship is that distance makes the heart grow fonder. When the couple is together, they cannot agree on issues, yet they look back fondly on their ex-partner and think their differences are not so great when they are alone. Going back and forth in this manner will have long lasting repercussions for each person if they do not solve their issues and make a clean break or settle into a long term relationship.